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I only forgave him because I know he’s pretty clueless.
He apologized for me being looked at as a sex object (and it does happen a lot more than I care to admit), I told him I would not apologize for going off on him because when I can put an end to behavior like that, I will, he agreed that I shouldn’t have to apologize, and now we’re good.

But a fair warning to those who ask stupid shit like that: Most of us will not NOT let you see us sex objects, and some of us will fight back.

And to those of us who are being looked at like this, or are being used for other reasons; speak up and say something! Normally I don’t agree that shutting somebody down is the best way to win an argument, but in this case, I personally believe that it is best to shut them down before it goes any further. Don’t even tell lies. Just say something along the lines of, “I already get harassed/abused/targeted/etc like this enough, do you really have to add to the stereotype?” And then argue your case. People who do this should feel bad about what they say. Don’t surround yourself with people like this, and if the people you keep around start to do this, but you love them anyways, put a stop to it! If they leave your side as a friend, then they weren’t worth keeping around.
This case I got lucky. He’s really a good person, but he is kind of clueless.

P.S. The only reason I haven’t stood up to this man at work is because I can’t without losing my job. And I do love being able to afford my comics.
P.P.S. I don’t mean to cause any sort of arguments, and I really mean for this to be gender neutral, but in this case it was a boy implying a girl is an object. Maybe I did fly off the handle, but I really do want the message to be: No matter the situation, defend yourself!

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